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About General Strike 2019


We are calling for Americans from all walks of life to join us at airports across the nation on February 16 if the government shutdown continues.

The 35-day shutdown was an unprecedented event, and the threat of a continued lockout on February 16 calls for an unprecedented response.

If Washington creates chaos by pushing our nation into day 36, we will take charge of the situation to make it clear that our safety and security are non-negotiable.

Our message to Washington: Fund the federal government and get back to the business of democracy to resolve
other important issues.


There are millions of stories of the shutdown harming everyday Americans. Hundreds of thousands of veterans, who make up more than one third of federal employees, furloughed or working without pay. Seniors and low income Americans losing their homes. Family farmers struggling to cover costs while federal loans were delayed. Native American communities cut off from critical services. Millions of federal workers struggling to make ends meet. Millions of people suffered real-life consequences, and for many of them a continued shutdown could be catastrophic.

Even if you were not directly affected by the shutdown yet, everyone in the country counts on aviation. No other industry is so completely interwoven with government functions.

The shutdown stretched the safety and security systems that keep air traffic moving to a breaking point.

Airports are a meeting point for all of us. For aviation workers and air travelers, a continued shutdown is a real and present threat. A continued shutdown will bring more serious consequences, disrupting travel without notice and possibly leading to serious incidents.

Because of the danger posed by this threat to our aviation system and the crucial role aviation plays in our nation’s economy, we will focus on our airports as a first line of defense. On February 16, we will flood airports to focus Washington on our resolve: put our safety and security ahead of political games.


In perilous times, we need bold vision to inspire people to act. It’s time for working people to rediscover our power. The 35 day lockout and threat of day 36 is unprecedented and it puts all of us in danger – our safety, our security and our jobs. We need an unprecedented response. We need to ask the fundamental question – what are you willing to do to defend the safety and security of your family along with the basic human right that everyone must get paid for their work?

The shutdown was temporarily suspended when air traffic controllers – stretched to a breaking point by the shutdown – could not safely perform their duties, and three airports slowed to a crawl. Suddenly, the harm to all Americans became real. In the background there was a groundswell of workers rising up – private sector aviation was preparing to act to save lives and jobs.

It is no accident that Washington reached a deal immediately. The last thing they want is for working people to get a taste of our power.

We know some workers are not ready to walk off the job. But a general strike takes many people contributing in whatever way they can to be successful.

We are called to action by the brave women and men of the aviation community who have committed to defending themselves, their passengers and the nation from danger by standing together to stop a continued shutdown.

Across the country, allies are mobilizing to support these workers. Teachers, nurses, sanitation workers, public safety officers, mine workers, custodians, service employees, communications workers, passenger service agents, public workers and others plan to flood airports nationwide and send a clear message to Washington. Join us.


Federal workers are already bearing the brunt of the shutdown. We can’t ask workers who are already locked out from work or pay to strike. What’s happening is unprecedented and immoral. We need to show federal workers we have their back and we need to show those in power we won’t put up with this contempt for working people.

This is also a moment to call for change to the absurd labor laws in our country. By law, Federal workers can lose everything if they strike. They can lose their jobs, be barred from working in any government job again, and even be prosecuted for taking actions at work.

We believe the question must be, what are YOU are willing to do to stop the shutdown and defend our nation?